Decorator Leicester

Professional painting & decorating services in Leicestershire

About Leicester Decorator

How our Leicester decorating service works

Leicester Decorator is an online service that connects home owners and businesses with a team of highly skilled, trusted painters and decorators. When you send your details to us, let us know if you require domestic or commercial decorators and we will pass on the message to the team best suited to your needs.

Once we have received your message, we will aim to have someone contact you within 24hrs or less (this may be longer at weekends).

Who are we?

We have been in the decorating trade for over 40 years. We noticed that professional decorators in Leicester can be hard to find as many of them work  though referral. We deal with these decorators directly and once satisfied with their skills, reliability and experience; we help to connect them with customers suited to their specialty.

How we keep our standards high

We rely on customers to give provide feedback on the Leicester tradesmen we recommend. We intentionally pass more leads to businesses that have been praised by their customers. Also, if the service they provide is deemed unsatisfactory by those who use our service, we will investigate and, if we find them to be providing a poor service, no more client leads will be passed to them.